The guilty pleasures

The guilty pleasures BA has really good ice cream. Probably one of the best in the World (we’ve been chosen in the 3rd place In the International Ice Cream Championship in 2020).


Drinks We’re known for our Malbec wine, but we count with numerous kinds of beer, and two of our cocktails bars were included many times in the top charts of the best bars in the World.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink The way the people eat, cook and drink talks about that people. In the intersection of the Spanish and Italian background and the Latin-American traditions, the Argentine food has found its place.That’s the reason why you can have an amazing plate of ravioli as a great Spanish estofado (stew) or enjoy a […]

Other areas

Other areas Abasto was born as an immigrant’s area, grown around a foodstuffs market opened in 1890. It became a mixture of residential, bohemian and historical areas where we can find interesting examples of art-street on its facades as well. Belgrano houses parks, art museums, residential areas, sophisticated and local restaurants and a very picturesque […]

Southern Districts

Southern Districts La Boca, with its colorful houses, keeps the character that you won’t find anywhere else. Even though La Boca is full of buses coming and leaving with hundreds of tourists, a visit to this district should be part of your itinerary. Barracas, one of the non-touristy neighborhoods full of magic spots and curious […]

Puerto Madero Neighborhood

Puerto Madero Neighborhood Born as the port of the city, back in 1885, the area was recovered as a new neighborhood in the early 1990s. Nowadays the area houses exclusive restaurants and bars. If you walk on the promenade along the docks, you can find two old ships from the end of the XIX century […]

Historical quarter

Historical quarter Placement of the foundation of the city, Montserrat neighborhood houses May Square. This area is not only the genesis of the city. It is the epicenter of many historical facts of our history: the Spanish colonial beginning, the transition to the independence in the Revolution of 1810, Eva’s speeches, the Mothers of May […]

Northern area

Northern Area The north of the city is distinguished by its cosmopolitan atmosphere. It houses large parks, art museums, residential areas and sophisticated and local restaurants. It blends a rich historical background with trendy areas for shopping and nightlife. For instance, in Recoleta district you will find the historical Cemetery, and not far away the […]